Internal Dialogue


Hello, and Happy 2019! After very (VERY) close to 40 years on this planet, I decided to finally start a blog as a way to organize my thoughts, inspirations, projects, and future goals with the hopes that I would not only get back into writing, but be able to better focus on the things I want to do.

Quick facts about me:

Name: Erin

Physical Features: 5′ 3.5″, 120-ish lbs, short dark brown hair, brown eyes, brown cat-eye glasses

Birth Order: oldest of 4, including 3 girls and a boy

Faith: Follower of Jesus (only the loving one; no hate here)

Sign: Aquarius / Earth Horse

Identifying Characteristics: strong ADD, OCD, and perfectionist tendencies; HSP and Myers-Briggs INFJ

Favorite Color: Green

Studies: BA with Art History major and Studio Art and Psychology minors

I don’t expect anyone to read this or have any interest in whatever it is that I’m doing or saying. As a Gen-Xer–or perhaps more as an introvert–blogging still feels a little strange to me. As a form of visual journaling, it makes more sense. My brain is a maximalist, with my left brain constantly battling my right, resulting in never-ending neuroses but also organized chaos, as they say. Blogging will help me to visually work out and further organize the messes up in my head. Did I mention I’m obsessed with organizing?? I’m currently working on the ‘komono’ section of Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. Read it, the title doesn’t lie.

That’s it for now. TMI to come.

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