Fatty Cat Vintage

Mid Century Monday

As an Art History major, I have always loved ‘modern’ art. Something about the lines, the colors and clean textures, and the concepts explored through those elements has always appealed to me. The idea of what constitutes modern art is always in flux. And ‘modern’ doesn’t equal ‘contemporary.’ But what is it about Mid Century design that is so universally appealing? Natural in its simplicity, it just seems to make sense. Visually, it offers a welcome rest to my busy brain, and a comforting and intuitive choice for home furniture and decor. We used these fabulous Charles and Ray Eames stamps back in 2008 for our wedding invitations:

Not too long after that, Jim and I were helping his dad and step-mom get organized for their move from PA back to NJ, and Jim Sr. asked if there was anything from their basement we might want. There were probably a few tchotchkes we took, and a round coffee table with sexy legs and a lazy-susan top piqued my interest. We took it home, having no idea what it was. A friend pointed out at a house party that he loved our Heywood Wakefield, and I hadn’t heard the name at the time, but what kind of modern art history major did that make me?? So I played it off and quickly acquainted myself with the design great later, post-party. When Jim’s stepmom found out we had acquired a treasure probably not meant to be given away, she wouldn’t let us give it back but made us promise never to sell it (as if!). So it is in our watchful care for now, an inspiration to obtain future HW pieces ❤

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