Nice and Neat

Tidying Up

Category 1 (Clothing) was relatively easy for both of us (even Jim is folding everything the KonMari way so that his drawers spark joy). The acts of purging our clothes and folding them using this method helped to create space for new things we might need or want, and it was much easier to see what those things might be. After tidying and storing our clothing, we were on to Category 2 (Books).

Also a less challenging category for us, I thought it was fun to revisit the volumes that make us happy, get excited about rereading some of them, and, yes, sniff them along the way. I sniff books and I don’t care who knows it. The goal here is not to end up with just 30 books, as some people have misinterpreted for this category. Everyone’s end result will be different, because different categories spark different levels of joy for each person. We personally have about two full bookshelves’ worth of books spread throughout the house, depending on where we use them. Our main shelves are in the front den by the window, near the two orange 70s armchairs we thrifted, from where I love to write letters and read (if I can convince a cat to relinquish her spot to the one on my lap). Bookshelves are one of the places we like to display our little tchotchkes, too, so tidying them was, overall, an enjoyable experience. One of my most favorite things on a shelf is a bird mug full of beautiful feather bookmarks, given to me by a dear friend. Here are some ‘after’ photos of our Category 2:

Next up: Category 3 (Papers)…this is definitely getting more challenging. After moving and finally able to make some time to REALLY organize the last few years in paperwork, I came to the realization that I’m a paper hoarder. This spills into the Sentimental arena (Category 5), since I’ve saved every card and letter I’ve ever gotten, plus all the memorabilia from everything I’ve ever attended. It’s bad. I’m hoping that with the new mental clarity and honed decision-making skills that come with this whole process, I will be able to let go of a lot more stuff in these areas. The big organizing nerd in me is looking forward to creating more efficient filing systems (and a huge heap for the next community shredding day event, too).

Are you currently tidying? Please share your tips and trip-ups in the Comments below!

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