Nice and Neat

Tidying Tuesday

Category 4 is Komono (miscellaneous items) and encompasses all that is not clothing, books, papers, or sentimental items. But fear not–Marie broke this big one down into subcategories for you. Here is the list from her second book, Spark Joy:

I find the list itself very satisfying–it’s manageable, organized, and sets apart focused time with smaller categories. Charlene from Home with Charlene makes some lovely list-graphics for you:

Instead of going on about each subcategory, it might be more helpful to visually inspire you to action with end-result photos (a trick that always works for me):

Found the perfect mail-cubby shelf for CDs at a local antiques mall
We also still own DVDs–pared down to our faves
My aqua Urban Outfitters wall shelf in our 80s rental bathroom fits most of the makeup I use
Earrings on DIY earring frames, necklaces on IKEA Enudden towel racks
Electronic parts and pieces sorted into The Container Store’s signature clear boxes
Clear boxes also for medical supplies and toiletries make it easy to find what I need

Next up: Category 4 (Komono Pt. 2). Are you currently tidying? Please share your tips and trip-ups in the Comments below!

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