Making Stuff

Make It Monday

This is by far the weirdest batch of earrings I’ve ever made. Uninspiring characters led me in strange directions…but I did the best I could.

From the movie Mississippi Burning

So-called ‘trumpet pitcher’ flowers with a baby and a flame. McDormand’s character wasn’t well-developed (she didn’t even get a first name!), but when she held that baby, you knew she was one of the more human of the people portrayed in the film.

From the movie Winter’s Bone

Lawrence’s Ree was a survivor; I loved the rawness of her role and of this film. Some clear quartz chips represent her missing meth-cook of a father.

From the movie The Horse Whisperer

I was really grasping for it with this pair. Grace inspired me more than Annie, but not by much…so here’s a ranch cowboy with her horse, Pilgrim.

From the movie Children of the Corn

Representing one of my least favorite films in the Movie Night Monday project, these earrings were the most fun to make out of this set. I re-taught myself the brick-stitch beading method and had fun watching these materialize. Green leather husks. Poor Sarah.

From the movie Desert Hearts

Newly-divorced English Lit prof meets casino worker and the rest is herstory. Little desert blooms smashed together.

From the movie In Your Eyes

Blue-eyed doctor’s wife from New Hampshire sees brown-eyed ex-con’s life in New Mexico and vice versa. Horrible movie! I like how these little weirdos turned out, though.

From the movie Clerks

Oh, Veronica! With your lasagna and your college classes and your big old Elaine-bow and your hang-ups. Dante doesn’t deserve you.

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