Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 35: Ohio (Bubble)

Category: Drama/Mystery

Quote of Interest:

“I was a professional ass-wiper.”


Three words to describe this film/state: Mumblecore murder mystery

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Bakery Shopkeeper, played by Phyllis Workman

State food/recipe to try: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams / Jackie O’s Paw Paw Wheat Ale / Fried Lake Perch / Pierogi

Earring Inspo Character: Martha

Other Notes: Not bad for an entire cast of unprofessional actors. Good small-town slice-of-lifer with a twist. Only complaint was no English subtitle option on the DVD–sorely needed for all of shy Kyle’s mumbled dialogue. An interesting piece from eclectic director Steven Soderbergh.

Grade: B+

State Facts:

Next up: Oklahoma (The Outsiders). Follow along to discuss! Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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