Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 39: Rhode Island (Moonrise Kingdom)

Category: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Quote of Interest:

Sam: [In the women’s dressing room] What kind of bird are you?

Sparrow: [Starting to point to the other actresses] I’m a sparrow, she’s a dove…

Sam: [Cutting her off] No. I said…

[Points to Suzy]

Sam: What kind of bird are YOU?

Suzy: I’m a raven.

Three words to describe this film/state: Away to love

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Noah’s Wife, played by Christine Noel
  • Sparrow, played by Ada-Nicole Sanger
  • Curlew, played by Caris Yeoman
  • Bittern, played by Violet Guinness
  • Owl, played by Isabella Guinness
  • Dove, played by Lily Tiger McEnerney
  • Trampoline Khaki Scout, played by Coledyn Garrow
  • B-B-Q Khaki Scout, played by Michael Malvesti
  • Morse Code Khaki Scout, played by Kevin DeCoste

State food/recipe to try: Coffee milk / Frozen lemonade / Hot weiners / Johnnycakes

Earring Inspo Character: Suzy Bishop

Other Notes: Wes Anderson is always a treat: the colors, the cast, the costumes, the scenic symmetry, the banter, even the fonts that he chooses. Everything is deliberate. What I love most about Moonrise is its mid-60s hazy, dreamy, muted pastel palette and the sweetness and simplicity of its story line: the protagonists fall in love via letter correspondence and want to be together. And why can’t it be that simple? It should be, but they’re children. And on the other end are Suzy’s mom and the police captain–but life is complicated. Does love draw us so strongly because we’re innately looking to escape–whether it’s a family that doesn’t understand us, a place where we never belonged, the boredom of married life, or the loneliness of island bachelorhood? Or is love itself that pure and singularly compelling?

Grade: A

State Facts:

Next up: South Carolina (The Patriot). Follow along to discuss! Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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