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The Year in Music

I really got into music again this year–it is my poetry of choice for catharsis. It’s typically been daydreamy/shoegaze-y sounds evoking feelings of desire, despair, joy, love, romance, and sadness (and usually some heart-wrenching combo of those) that have always drawn me in. I don’t even have to know the words or have them make complete sense (ie, Grimes or Blonde Redhead/Kazu) for me to get lost in them because the emotions are so well-conveyed by the artists. This is my year of feelings in music:

  • Beach House (esp. 7, B-Sides and Rarities, Depression Cherry, Bloom)
  • Bjork (anything–a new love)
  • Blonde Redhead (Barragan, Penny Sparkle, 23, Misery is a Butterfly)
  • Cemetaries (Barrow, The Wilderness–so in new love)
  • Chromatics (everything)
  • Cigarettes after Sex (everything–new love)
  • Depeche Mode (particularly Ultra)
  • Grimes (anything, and especially Visions)
  • Kazu Makino (Adult Baby, so good!)
  • Lana del Rey (NFR! and all else)
  • Morrissey (always)
  • Porcelain Raft (anything)
  • Still Corners (anything)
  • Twin Peaks Soundtrack station on Pandora (that Lykke Li)

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