Making Stuff

Make It Monday

Six more, and six more to go. Rhode Island held everything up for two months as I waited for beetle wings to reach me from Thailand.

From the movie Moonrise Kingdom

Suzy comes across as stuck-up and closed-off, but it turns out she’s open to anything–including fish-hook ear-piercing–with the person who sees her for the Raven she truly is. No one understands her, but Sam does. Fun fact: a group of ravens is called an unkindness, or conspiracy.

From the movie The Patriot

Another initially quiet character is young Susan Martin, whose heart is broken by Daddy but whose loyalty ultimately lies with him. I used tiny war figurines in colonial colors for little Susan.

From the movie Dances with Wolves

Stands with a Fist has lived among the Lakota since her family was killed by Pawnee at a very young age. She is mourning the loss of her husband and ready to take her own life when Dunbar finds her and saves her. She repays the favor by bridging the gap between him and the Lakota using her long-forgotten knowledge of English, and is bonded to Dunbar by their exchange. I admired her character’s strength and resilience in the face of deep sadness. I added glass beads–including a red fist–in Lakota colors to a pair of feather earrings I already had.

From the movie Nashville

Jeff Goldblum’s Tricycle Man doesn’t say much, but he has some style.

From the movie Friday Night Lights

Mrs. Winchell was primarily ‘football mom’ to player Mike, and we don’t know much about her other than that. She was also one of the few credited female ‘characters’ from which to pick. Horribly one-dimensional movie.

From the movie SLC Punk!

Trish looks cool in lavender and lime, but she’ll probably kick your ass if you cross her. Locks and chains and razor blades to keep everyone at a safe distance.

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