Internal Dialogue

First Year

Today marks 365 days since we loaded up our cats and other valuables and set off for the Sweet Life in Summerville, SC. It’s been a fast year, but a full one, and very good in many ways. Here is my essential take-away list for the first Carolina year:

  • being home again: reorganizing, redefining what ‘home’ is and what that looks like; communing with my things and cats as I heal from people/small-business overload
  • exploring unknown territory, making just a few good new friends, feeling a rooted connection to this place
  • learning how to relax and just be
  • reaching out to loved ones in more meaningful ways from a better place within myself
  • leaning into 40, coming to know who I really am and what I really want
  • figuring out what lies ahead, delving into new & old ideas of professional fulfillment
Internal Dialogue

A Falcon with a Cap on its Head

My favorite CAH card, and one of my most favorite things IRL. We saw a falcon demo at the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw back in January, and I just came across an old falconry article and framed this torn-out picture to hang in my office:

I started thinking about why this endearing image is so striking to me. I’ve always had a thing with wings and anything that has them–strong symbols of free-spirited independence (or even just free will). If I were the bird wearing this cap, I would be blocked from all distractions and have to trust the voice of my keeper. My natural inclination is to be free without restrictions, but I know that I have to learn to hear and to trust the still small voice of my God, who knows what’s best for me. The restrictions aren’t there to spoil my fun, but to keep me from hurt or pain. And they keep me returning to a loving Creator who supplies all of my needs. So thank you, Falcon with a Cap on its Head, for this sweet reminder.

Internal Dialogue


Hello, and Happy 2019! After very (VERY) close to 40 years on this planet, I decided to finally start a blog as a way to organize my thoughts, inspirations, projects, and future goals with the hopes that I would not only get back into writing, but be able to better focus on the things I want to do.

Quick facts about me:

Name: Erin

Physical Features: 5′ 3.5″, 120-ish lbs, short dark brown hair, brown eyes, brown cat-eye glasses

Birth Order: oldest of 4, including 3 girls and a boy

Faith: Follower of Jesus (only the loving one; no hate here)

Sign: Aquarius / Earth Horse

Identifying Characteristics: strong ADD, OCD, and perfectionist tendencies; HSP and Myers-Briggs INFJ

Favorite Color: Green

Studies: BA with Art History major and Studio Art and Psychology minors

I don’t expect anyone to read this or have any interest in whatever it is that I’m doing or saying. As a Gen-Xer–or perhaps more as an introvert–blogging still feels a little strange to me. As a form of visual journaling, it makes more sense. My brain is a maximalist, with my left brain constantly battling my right, resulting in never-ending neuroses but also organized chaos, as they say. Blogging will help me to visually work out and further organize the messes up in my head. Did I mention I’m obsessed with organizing?? I’m currently working on the ‘komono’ section of Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. Read it, the title doesn’t lie.

That’s it for now. TMI to come.