Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 3: Arizona (Raising Arizona)

Category: Comedy

Favorite Quote:

“We just figured you had more’n you could handle, babywise.”

–H.I. McDunnough

Three words to describe this film/state: Barren, Desperate, Hayseeds

Best ‘Extras’ (this film has an abundance):

  • Nice Old Grocery Man, played by Charles “Lew” Smith
  • Ear-Bending Cellmate, played by Sidney Dawson
  • Hayseed in the Pickup, played by John O’Donnal
  • Whitey, played by Keith Jandacek
  • Feisty Hayseed, played by Rusty Lee
  • Scamp with Squirt Gun, played by Jeremy Babendure
  • Mopping Convict, played by Henry Tank
  • Varsity Nathan Jr., played by Todd Michael Rodgers
  • Machine Shop Ear-Bender, played by M. Emmet Walsh
  • Arizona Quints, played by a baker’s dozen babies including 2 sets of twins

State recipe we tried this week: Cobre Valley Casserole

So simple, and SO GOOD

Earring Inspo Character: Leonard Smalls (Apocalypse biker)

Other Notes: Really funny film with a lot of good lines. Loved the Arizona House and its decor. Good metaphors of barrenness/desert and birth/escaping prisoners. I have a feeling that Napoleon Dynamite took a few cues from this movie: “You bet I do” nuptials, food to the side of the face, and general conversational tone. Gentlemen Broncos’ Chevalier character was also reminiscent of Peter Benedek’s prison counselor here.

Grade: A-

State Facts:

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