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I went small-scale with my next six movie character earrings:

From the movie The Descendants

One meaning of the native Hawai’ian plumeria, or frangipani, is ‘the strength to withstand tough challenges.’ Underneath her tough exterior, Alex was a fragile human being. Plumeria blooms are known for their strong fragrance, so I thought it a good symbol for Woodley’s character in this film.

From the movie Napoleon Dynamite

Deb, the friend we should all have in our lives–and the person we should strive to be. Non-judgmental, accepting, and true to herself, Deb is represented by her pink fanny pack and purple Caboodle case.

From the movie The Blues Brothers

Carrie Fisher’s vindictive character in this comedy cartoonishly embodies the vengeful rage triggered by those button-pushers we all have in our own lives.

From the movie Hoosiers

Barbara Hershey’s Myra was a mostly-static character who should have won an Academy just for her RBF (can’t say that). She was such a flat female cartoon, compulsively ball-busting (can’t say that!) the new coach every time she encountered him, but I didn’t know how to make deflated-looking basketballs. I wasn’t too inspired by her role, and (big surprise) there weren’t any other female roles of significance, so she just gets little basketballs. After all, she did finally ‘come around’ to support the coach and succumb to love like most women would. Ha.

From the movie Field of Dreams

I think I was inspired more by character Beulah’s name in the credits than I was by Beulah herself. Let’s step outside, Beulah the book-burner!

From the movie Paper Moon

Adamant Addie wanted her $200! If only I’d had the pluck and business savvy at age 10 (or even now) as she had in this film. Both smart and sentimental, Addie always knew the account balance and kept her treasures close to her heart.

What character-inspired earrings would you make?

Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 15: Iowa (Field of Dreams)

Category: Fantasy/Sports

Quote of Interest:

“Hey, is this heaven?”

“No, it’s Iowa.”

–‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson & Ray Kinsella

Three words to describe this film/state: Heed no naysayers

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Feed Store Farmer, played by James Andelin
  • Dee, Mark’s Wife, played by Kelly Coffield
  • Beulah, the Angry PTA Mother, played by Lee Garlington
  • Boston Yenta, played by Bea Fredman
  • Third Man in Bar, played by Joseph Ryan
  • Clean-shaven Umpire, played by Brian Frankish
  • Man at Christmas Party (uncredited), played by Dan Rohner

State food/recipe to try: Casey’s Gas Station Pizza / Blue Bunny ice cream

Earring Inspo Character: Beulah, the angry PTA mother

Other Notes: Another sports movie from the Midwest! We enjoyed this one more than we did Hoosiers. Since we watch everything with subtitles on, we discovered that the Voice is actually saying, “If you build it, he will come,” and not ‘they will come.’ IMDB listed Ed Harris as The Voice (unconfirmed). What does that mean? That it’s a rumor that the actor I can only picture as Jackson Pollock maybe did the creepy cornfield voice? Interesting. I thought I had seen this film at some point and maybe fell asleep or zoned out (sports), but I hadn’t because I didn’t remember the point of it. And my dad quoting it (albeit it incorrectly now), I think, when we were getting ready to open our art studio in NJ. But that could be my imagination. That’s the beauty of this movie–not that it’s not about sports, but that it celebrates the artists, dreamers, and visionaries out there. It’s the ones who are open to believing in something (that maybe only they can see or feel) who are the ones that will see things happen. A fun metaphor. The baseball field is still a tourist attraction today, located on neighboring farms in Dubuque County, Iowa. Field of Dreams turns 30 this year.

Grade: B

State Facts:

Next up: Kansas (Paper Moon). Follow along to discuss! Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.