Lists, Lists, Lists

Found Friday: List Love

Some of my favorite found lists. This crazy one was found by our friend Jenifer in Philadelphia, outside of her art gallery:

What is going on?? You be the judge.
Lists, Lists, Lists

List Love: Job City

I used to cringe when I thought about how many jobs I’ve had in my life, never really staying in one place for too long. Was my ADD that bad? Could I not commit? A lot of people have the same job for years–what was wrong with me? It wasn’t until I owned my first business that I realized the problem all along: I was meant and designed to work for myself. Some jobs I liked better than others, but I’ve never flourished in places that didn’t give me enough to do, that were micromanaged, that were challenging without being overwhelming, or that didn’t allow me to use my unique skill set to improve things, if I could. As a highly-sensitive person, the noises and smells (esp. perfumes/colognes) were too much. I always felt trapped, and eventually quit. Now I’m grateful for all of those skills and little backgrounds, and just as appreciative for learning how I didn’t want my work life and immediate environment to be. They have all led me to my current–and most confident–path. I almost thought it would never come.

‘List your past jobs’
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