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Make It Monday

I love creating things with my hands, but for some reason, I get so stuck in my left-brain ruts that it just doesn’t happen very often. So to tap more into my right side, I decided to organize and schedule (left-brain) my creative endeavors with my other little regular projects this year. Since we are watching 50 movies from 50 states, I chose to make 50 one-of-a-kind pairs of earrings inspired by characters from each movie. I’ll post the results every month.

From the movie Selma

I was inspired by Selma to create a pair of earrings for Coretta Scott King, who was MLK Jr.’s rock and his fire. I used hematite to signify ‘rock,’ which is also Alabama’s state mineral.

From the movie Big Miracle

For Rachel Kramer’s character in Big Miracle, I made blue feathers with green jade (Alaska’s state gem) to symbolize the earth mother that she is. The three stones on each represent the three whales in this inspired-by-true-events story.

From the movie Raising Arizona

I particularly enjoyed making this one. Jim suggested a long black braid, and even though Randall Cobb’s character didn’t have hair like this, it seemed like something that might be flying in the wind from his ensemble. I added a beaded bullet bandolier, ‘grenade,’ wheel, and skull, and the two turquoise stones represent Arizona and his crystal-blue eyes.

From the movie Mud

For the girl with the bird tattoos, swallow earrings were a natural choice. I finished them with leopard jasper to stand in for bauxite, abundant in Arkansas, and clear quartz for diamonds, which you can mine as a tourist only in this state. I thought the qualities of both suited free-spirit Juniper, a flawed person who was a perfect gem in the eyes of Mud.

I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by people’s quirks, so I’m looking forward to making more of these. Until next month!

Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 4: Arkansas (Mud)

Category: Drama

Favorite Quote:

“A reminder–don’t get bit.”

–Mud to Neckbone when asked about his tattoo

Three words to describe this film/state: Young Life Lessons

Best ‘Extra’: Older Kid at Food King, played by Tate Smalley

State recipe we tried this week: (We cheated this week and had edamame since Arkansas is one of the top soybean-producing states in the country)

Earring Inspo Character: Juniper

Other Notes: The kids in this film were excellent. We loved the way this film captured the Deep South, from geography to local dialect and mannerisms to the hard living and family life of some of the more rural areas. I learned that the latent threat of cottonmouth snake bites is enough to make me say I could never live that close to a creek or river. Good film and story line.

Grade: B+

State Facts:

Next up: California (Point Break). Follow along to discuss! Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.