Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 33: North Carolina (Bull Durham)

Category: Drama/Sports

Quote of Interest:

“The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.”


Three words to describe this film/state: Between two bats

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Scared Batter, played by Don Davis

State food/recipe to try: Krispy Kreme doughnuts / Biscuits & gravy / Cheerwine

Earring Inspo Character: Annie Savoy

Other Notes: Another pretty good baseball movie starring Kevin Costner. Field of Dreams was creative, Bull Durham entertaining. The best part about the film was that it was really Annie’s story–a woman standing between a pitcher and a catcher, the main hitter here, holding the bat and fully in charge.

Grade: B

State Facts:

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