Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 29: New Hampshire (In Your Eyes)

Category: Drama/Fantasy

Quote of Interest:

“You’re smart. And there ain’t nothin’ in this world dumber than a smart guy. A smart man, he sees beyond his little world, and it kinda whoops him. So when he makes that wrong move – and you will – it tends to be messy.”


Three words to describe this film/state: waste of time

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Fancy Party Guest, played by Christopher Coulouras
  • Fancy Party Guest, played by Jane Forrestal
  • The Crying Man, played by Frank Mavros
  • Concerned Passer-by, played by Carlyne Fournier
  • Big Drunk, played by Fred Stoverink
  • Asylum Patient, played by Matt Callahan
  • Upscale Party Guest (uncredited), played by Gail Sullivan

State food/recipe to try: Apple Cider cocktail

Earring Inspo Character: Rebecca

Other Notes: 92% of Google users liked this movie. Ugh. Stick to TV shows, Whedon (even then)–this one was like a too-long bad episode, mindless fluff with a weird Canadian-film vibe. Cheesy, flat characters and awful dialogue. Just bad. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, “This is pretty much the worst video ever made!”

Grade: D-

State Facts:

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