Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 30: New Jersey (Clerks)

Category: Drama/Indie

Quote of Interest:

“You know what the real tragedy is? I’m not even supposed to BE here today!”

–dante hicks

Three words to describe this film/state: Convenience store tomfoolery

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Willam the Idiot Manchild/Angry Hockey-Playing Customer/Angry Mourner, played by Scott Mosier
  • Woolen Cap Smoker/Egg Man/Offended Customer/Cat-Admiring Bitter Customer, played by Walt Flanagan
  • Hunting Cap Smoking Boy/Low I.Q. Video Customer/Hubcap Searching Customer/ Angry Mourner/Angry Crowd at Door, played by David Klein
  • Dental School Video Customer, played by Betsy Broussard
  • Cat-Shit-Watching Customer, played by Joe Bagnole
  • Stuck in Chips Can, played by Chuck Bickel
  • Bed-Wetting Dad/Cold Coffee Lover, played by Erix Infante
  • Burner Looking for Weed, played by Matthew Banta
  • Customer with Vaseline and Rubber Gloves, played by Jane Kuritz
  • Little Smoking Girl, played by Frances Cresci
  • Cat, played by Lenin’s Tomb

State food/recipe to try: Jersey corn / Jersey tomatoes / Jersey blueberries / Kohr Bros. ice cream / Campbell’s Tomato Soup / Del Buono’s hard rolls / Manco’s pizza

Earring Inspo Character: Veronica

Other Notes: Not our favorite movie, but one that gained cult status early on. This one felt like a pretty accurate depiction of mid-90s Jersey. We could certainly relate to the (albeit caricatured) onslaught of daily weirdos any open-to-the-public small business has to contend with. Bad acting aside, the film was creative enough with all of the different scenarios that could possibly happen (and then some) in, around, and on top of a convenience store on any given day. The best bits, IMHO, are the quirks of each character–and maybe even more so, the names of the characters in the credits. Clerks is 25 years old this year.

Grade: C

State Facts:

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