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I’ve been more experimental with my movie character earrings–experimental has always been my style really, when it comes to creating. I’m having fun with these as a sort of ‘women’s study,’ because I think as women, we look for ourselves in other women. It’s the differences that are fascinating and what I’m most curious about. Here are the next six pairs:

From the movie Point Break

In the film, Tyler only wore a simple stud in her left ear. For petite Lori Petty, I made her character’s surfboard in mini shrinky-dinks.

From the movie The Naked Spur

Poor Lina Patch didn’t have much of a personality apart from what she could do for the men in the film, so it was kinda hard being inspired by her static character. I went with the colors of her clothing and made something reminiscent of her neck scarves…symbolic, I think, of yet another squelched female voice on the big screen.

From the movie The Ice Storm

I love Sigourney Weaver’s character in this film, and her outfits are fabulous. She needed the confident earrings of a self-assured woman, perfect for her next cocktail party. I chose warm red-brown glass with gold chain for this 70s sexpot.

From the movie Fight Club

For the girl with all the addictions, cigarettes were a natural choice. Though physically gritty, they have an allure that’s hard to deny…coal-black poison covered in a smooth, shiny shell. The red ‘flames’ at the end double as drops of blood. The soothing, deceptive distraction of vice.

From the movie The Florida Project

Known in the real world as ‘The Naked Cowgirl,’ Sandy Kane plays larger-than-life Gloria in The Florida Project, so she needed some big, flamboyant earrings to go with her crazy makeup and outfits (or lack thereof).

From the movie Smokey and the Bandit

Off with the veil and on with the skin-tight jeans. Sally Field’s Carrie/’Frog’ wasn’t quite liberated–but getting there.

Looking forward to the next batch–until then!

Movie Night Monday

The Movie Project

Week 5: California (Point Break [1991])

Category: Crime/Thriller

Favorite Quote:

“Six seconds, we’re gonna be meat waffles.”

–Bodhi to Johnny Utah, during a skydiving game of chicken

Three words to describe this film/state: Surfing bank robbers

Best ‘Extras’:

  • Fierce Woman, played by Gloria Mann
  • Psycho-Stick, played by Dino Andino
  • Passion for Slashin, played by Michael Kopelow
  • Surf Rat, played by Matt Archbold
  • Freight Train, played by Julie Michaels
  • Fiberglass, played by Kimberly Martin

State recipe we tried this week: Slow-Cooked Southwest Chicken

Earring Inspo Character: Tyler

Other Notes: This film was over-the-top cheesy-bad and I really struggled to pay attention. I didn’t even realize there was a remake in 2015 until today (not watching it). Jim says it was a decent capsule of the early 90s vibe, and the movie apparently has a cult following with ongoing performances like Point Break Live! I have to admit that if it came around to our area, we would have to go see it, so there’s that. What we should have watched since it was a recent and timely bday gift from my friend Matt (and also sitting right on the coffee table) was Los Angeles Plays Itself, so we’ll be viewing that to make up for this one. Ha.

Grade: D+

State Facts:

Next up: Colorado (The Naked Spur). Follow along to discuss! Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.