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Word Nerd Wednesday


Ranunculus: one of my most favorite flowers and names for flowers. These lovelies have dozens of paper-thin petals in watercolor tints and shades. Give them to anyone you find attractive or deem ‘radiant with charms.’ Ranunculus is also known as ‘buttercup’ or ‘Coyote eye’ and comes from the Latin meaning ‘little frog.’ Ranunculi are perennial bulb plants and a popular alternative to the rose for wedding and home bouquets. IMHO, they are the quintessential spring flower–and extremely photogenic, too. The best ones I’ve ever laid eyes on were the Japanese ranunculus at the 2017 Philadelphia Flower show, and the (perpetually sold out!) beauties over at Floret Flower Farm. You can also say ranunculuses, but I find that a bit ridiculous.

Some Floret Flower Farm beauties