Lists, Lists, Lists

You know you’re in the South when…

  • young folk call you ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Sir’
  • there aren’t enough ‘buggies’ to go around in the Goodwill
  • you take a left after Rodney’s Rockets to get to work
  • you see a guy walking along a main road, just carrying a big old flag
  • it’s okay to make a pile of stuff in your yard and just set it on fire
  • the square footage of the cars on your lawn > your actual living space
  • you have pit stains just going to get the mail (and it’s not even June)
  • removing bugs from the house is a daily occurrence
  • you see a spiky spider egg case by your front door and you hope it’s from the adorably punk-rock Spiny Orb-Weaver spider, but it’s not–it’s from a Brown Widow
  • you can drive 10 miles in any direction and find some crazy rural roadside art
  • you can’t buy beer on a Sunday, even though it’s for sale in the grocery store
  • the clerks at the post office don’t care for the modern art stamps you’re so excited about
  • buildings are stuccoed in oyster shells
  • road names are really creative
  • yard sales are year-round
  • you can’t find any good shopping lists because people don’t litter down here
Small Adventures

St. George, SC: Town of (some) Friendly People

This morning we met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who were passing through on their way to Key West. We found a Denny’s on their route and ended up in a place called St. George, about 35 minutes from us. Apparently this little town has long been a popular stop for northern tourists traveling to Florida. Right before we reached our destination, we passed a street of older brick buildings, most looking abandoned, that piqued our curiosity. We decided to stop for a look on the way back. This was the South we’ve been hoping for, and even though we live in the suburban outskirts of Charleston, we only need to drive twenty minutes in almost any direction to find sleepy little places like this where the history is palpable. Seeing some fallen signs in a vacant storefront, we learned that St. George is the ‘Grits Capital of the World.’ The World Grits Festival, among your typical fest-fun, includes events like gospel music, grits-grinding, and both grits-eating and rolling-in-the-grits contests. I want to see the life that exists here, so there’s a very good chance we’ll be venturing back in April for this (and to see if they have their own town mascot named–what else?–Gritty).

Ear Corn
Water Tower / Speaker Tower
Fairy’s Soda Shop
Life, uh, finds a way
Little Free Library (found a beautiful copy of The Complete Adventures of Curious George)
Sunday Best store
No Trespassing
Angled window
Leggins, too
Our favorite thing here: someone taped a little sign that said ‘some’ next to ‘friendly’