Nice and Neat

Tidying Up

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Marie Kondo and her Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. After rereading both of her books, my husband and I are going through the categories to completion. We’ve done clothing, books, and papers so far, and experiencing the clarity and focus that comes with the process has made me a disciple for life. When only the things that you truly love and use have found space in your home, the intangibles also fall into place. Things like your hopes, dreams, goals, and true passions become clear. For someone with focus issues like myself, this feels like nothing short of a miracle. After reading ALL the organizing books out there, I am so grateful to have found hers–they are a revelation and true organizers’ bibles. Last night we watched her show, which premiered on Netflix yesterday. She is tiny and mighty! The joy she receives just from being who she was meant to be is apparent in her brilliant and sweet smile throughout the show. I think I cried four times. I know for sure now that the organizing path is being made clear for me to pursue further. More on that later. Here are some ‘after’ photos from finishing Category 1 (Clothing):

Do your drawers spark joy?

I’m excited to go through all of the komono categories next. I really enjoy communing with my things because it’s as if our belongings truly know if they’re serving us well or not. The ones that speak to us are the ones that we should keep and honor in our homes. I also enjoy finding the right homes for those things that aren’t staying, so in a way I guess those things spark a different kind of joy.